It’s always an adjustment when the time change happens! As if we don’t have enough to adapt to these days! REST assured, there are simple, natural solutions to help you thrive! Many such solutions are detailed in this video (also on the Angie Ceroli youtube channel).. Restful Sleep Naturally.
CONTACT Green Health First’s Angie Ceroli, your Wellness Solutions Consultant -together we’ll explore what natural resources Your body needs to get into Sync/balance, get ‘un-stuck’ & motivate you to thrive! We have guided athletes, people wanting to stay of synthetic/meds, moms who want to set a solid foundation of ‘good’ habits and more because Healthy CAN be simple. Follow at
Email or schedule your wellness consult with $20 zyto scan at TODAY! We can meet at the Fuquay where our teas and custom oil blend products are available retail! We are SO thankful for Alex and Laura’s vision to bring natural solutions to our Community! Learn more about them at
Visit us this Saturday Nov 7th at the LAST Midtown Farmer’s Market of the season- 8-12noon, North Hills Plaza, Raleigh. We’ll be offering samples and consultation at the FV JuiceHaus from 2-4pm Saturday too!

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