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Angie’s passion is to help people make better choices so that they have a healthier Life Journey! Her goal is to provide people knowledge of God’s gifts of the earth to help them maintain a life that is longer, better and with all things natural.

She participates in sports events, healthfairs and community events and provides interactive workshops for employees, at community venues or in private homes.


Health Benefits

Promote longevity

More Energy

Naturally, without crashing

Enhance Immunity

Antioxidant rebalance


Physical, mental & emotional

Lose Weight

Increased metabolism

Naturally Healthy

Lower cancer risk
“I’ve spent decades helping people accomplish their work and enjoy their lives by taming their paper and digital tigers. Angie continues to help me “tame my health!” It’s impossible to accomplish your work or enjoy your life without good health! Whatever your challenge, talk to Angie — you’ll be glad you did!” – Barbara Hemphill
“Green tea Hawaii has been a welcomed addition to my daily routine! I started drinking it in September2018 and haven’t had a cold or sniffle since! I have Struggled with Vertigo for years…. I have not had one episode since September!!! Thank you Angie for starting me on what seems like a very healthy path!” – Sandy
“For years I had issues with allergies. After only 1 x using one drop of dōTERRA Breathe and one drop of dōTERRA Peppermint, I was instantly hooked.!I am now an official fan of all things dōTERRA. Both are Great for natural respiratory support!” – Kim C’

Specializing in safe, natural, health & wellness.


Essential Oil -Natural Wellness

Harnessing nature’s most powerful elements for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications to help families manage their health safely and simply.

green tea hawaii

2Cups Green Tea Hawaii

Increase Metabolism, Boost Healthy Energy Levels, Reduce Appetite, Reduce Body Fat, Improve Immunity, Antioxidant Benefits and the power of the Noni fruit.

Angie Discusses Living Green & Healthy
Angie talks about her background in science and the proven benefits of green tea and essential oils.
Learn more about the distinct advantages of 2Cups Green Tea Hawaii and dōTERRA.
2cups green tea hawaiidoterra essential oils
Health Fairs
Angie actively supports health fairs in and around the Raleigh area and along the East Coast.
Angie supports dozens of organizations with their fundraising efforts.
Angie supports businesses, communities, schools and churches with their fitness, wellness and craft events.
Angie conducts workshops at Wake Tech, Rex Wellness and other organizations.
Angie’s Blog

Let’s Thrive in 2024! Are you with me? Feb calendar

Feb 2024 events- Hope to SERVE YOU in the best way possible to help you thrive and live optimally! BE INTENTIONAL and Consistent! 1/29 430-7 Crunch Fitness table setup, Cameron Village, Raleigh 2/2 8-9am- Faith Driven Entrepreneur, MtZionMethodistChurch, Garner 2/6...

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JOIN Angie and team to learn, experience essential oils and green tea – something to help everyone thrive in the new year! We lose productivity when we’re sick– so Who CAN afford to be sick?

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Angie proudly serves her community and is a member of the following organizations:
Green Health First