Very caring & knowledgeable 🙂

I’ve known Angie for years and she’s always been very helpful with her knowledge of health topics and met me with products when i needed them. I love the Peppermint & DigestZen and she also introduced me to Stronger, a blend for rashes and irritation. Thanks Angie! 🙂

Laurel Archer

Loving life!

Green tea Hawaii has been a welcomed addition to my daily routine! I started drinking it in September and haven’t had a cold or sniffle since! I have Struggled with Vertigo for years…. I have not had one episode since September!!! Thank you Angie for starting me on what seems like a very healthy path!


Green Tea Please!

Upon first sip I knew I found something I can enjoy. Whenever I decide to take breaks from coffee and just overall doing periods of clean eating, I buy the green tea Hawaii to be in my meal rotation. The original and pineapple strawberry are my favorite. I love the taste and sip on it through out the day. Helps to reduce my snacking throughout the day. I am a fan and attempt to keep this stock in my house.


I added the doTERRA vitamin

I added the doTERRA vitamin combo to my daily routine after my previous brand stopped offering their product for brand restructuring. I am three weeks into the supplements and have been pleased. I plan on doing a ninety day trial to gauge overall effectiveness, but my initial assessment is that the product is solid and worth continuing past the ninety day period.

Ben Flores

Made a believer out of me

I met Angie at an oil education class with my wife who had been using the oils for a while. I struggled with Chronic Bronchitis and am amazed to say that I have been Bronchitis free for over 4 years! Not only using the oils but the Hawaiian green tea has boosted my energy levels and metabolism which has been a testament to my continued weight loss and stamina. I would highly recommend Angie’s products and services anytime.


I was pleasantly surprised!

Let me just start by saying I started drinking the green tea Hawaii when a lady at a flea market give me a sample raspberry lemonade. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate it in fact I loved it. I purchased a fundraiser box of the raspberry lemonade and started dropping pounds almost instantly. I recently ordered a month supply of the raspberry lemonade, my question is is there anywhere online or anywhere where I can get some samples of the different flavors? The samples they sent in my 60 day supply was the lime coconut which I’m not a fan of and that POG which I do like. I don’t really want to buy a whole box of something I don’t like. Totally loving this product just curious of a samples.

Kelli Perkins Douglas
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