Helped me where no one else could

I get hot flashes and up until now I’ve been left to deal with them. Because I’m a man and I’m having them, everyone I tell cracks a joke about male menopause and that’s that. Now when I get these hot flashes I go from nice and cool to my core burning up so hot that thick beads of sweat form on me and Angie put me on to the deep blue rub and sure enough I’d take a dab and rub it into the top part of the back of my neck where the brain stem is and within the first minute I’m already starting to cool down and couple minutes later it’s over. They usually, without this product, would last from 10 to 15 minutes of agonizing heat drenched in sweat miserable but the deep blue rub has changed that I can’t wait to get some more. Also the muscle joint relief worked when the pills wouldn’t. Simply apply a little bit on problem area or at your brainstem which will tell it where to go and I got relief where medication didn’t help. Thank you Angie. That deep blue rub and the muscle joint relief has changed my life for the better. — Seth

Seth Stephens

Thank you

Thank you for the advice. I used the product as you instructed and my sore throat was gone the next morning. – Christy

Christy Adkins

Very caring & knowledgeable 🙂

I’ve known Angie for years and she’s always been very helpful with her knowledge of health topics and met me with products when i needed them. I love the Peppermint & DigestZen and she also introduced me to Stronger, a blend for rashes and irritation. Thanks Angie! 🙂

Laurel Archer

Loving life!

Green tea Hawaii has been a welcomed addition to my daily routine! I started drinking it in September and haven’t had a cold or sniffle since! I have Struggled with Vertigo for years…. I have not had one episode since September!!! Thank you Angie for starting me on what seems like a very healthy path!


Green Tea Please!

Upon first sip I knew I found something I can enjoy. Whenever I decide to take breaks from coffee and just overall doing periods of clean eating, I buy the green tea Hawaii to be in my meal rotation. The original and pineapple strawberry are my favorite. I love the taste and sip on it through out the day. Helps to reduce my snacking throughout the day. I am a fan and attempt to keep this stock in my house.


I added the doTERRA vitamin

I added the doTERRA vitamin combo to my daily routine after my previous brand stopped offering their product for brand restructuring. I am three weeks into the supplements and have been pleased. I plan on doing a ninety day trial to gauge overall effectiveness, but my initial assessment is that the product is solid and worth continuing past the ninety day period.

Ben Flores

Made a believer out of me

I met Angie at an oil education class with my wife who had been using the oils for a while. I struggled with Chronic Bronchitis and am amazed to say that I have been Bronchitis free for over 4 years! Not only using the oils but the Hawaiian green tea has boosted my energy levels and metabolism which has been a testament to my continued weight loss and stamina. I would highly recommend Angie’s products and services anytime.


I was pleasantly surprised!

Let me just start by saying I started drinking the green tea Hawaii when a lady at a flea market give me a sample raspberry lemonade. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate it in fact I loved it. I purchased a fundraiser box of the raspberry lemonade and started dropping pounds almost instantly. I recently ordered a month supply of the raspberry lemonade, my question is is there anywhere online or anywhere where I can get some samples of the different flavors? The samples they sent in my 60 day supply was the lime coconut which I’m not a fan of and that POG which I do like. I don’t really want to buy a whole box of something I don’t like. Totally loving this product just curious of a samples.

Kelli Perkins Douglas
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