I’ve suffered most this brutal season from itchy eyes/inner throat/ears, but have relief in 15min. This video gives resources/guidance on squelching allergies naturally – Squeching Allergies Naturally.

Recently the news highlighted how many people are suffring from allergies with most having the itchy/burning eyes/throat and all the runny/congestion. Altho these days I’m having to dose the lemon, lavender and peppermint several times a day, especially when I’m outside for extended periods & before bed, I get good relief for several hours.
Other helpful tips:
It’s very important to wipe off your hair and change clothes after being outside for extended times and shower before bed to reduce sleep interruptions.
Back off synthetic antihistamines as recent data shows links to memory loss & dementia development for folks on the OTC/synthetic antihistamine products for extended periods.

That was ME until 7 years ago! We have dementia in our family and I find myself forgetting often… I’m glad to have tools to turn that around AND maintain a good quality of life!

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