Power of Oranges
Wow- I can’t believe it’s October already! I love the crisp, cool sunshiny days and the harvesting of apples and oranges among all the wonderful colors of fall in our trees and veggies!
Whether you’re enjoying the aroma as you peel your orange or the sweet, invigorating pulp of each section, I bet you didn’t know how many ways the orange, peel and pulp, bring nutrition and therapeutic properties for improving heatlh!! check out this Power of Orange video: https://youtu.be/Power of Orange
Holiday PREP is underway!! SO I’m inviting all to a FB shop event happening this week: WELCOME FALL Oct 7-12 link: Welcome Fall- Shopping Event 0ct 7-12 Each of the vendors will have a Post/Promote time- mine is Thurs Oct 8, 6p-10p– hope you’ll check us out & find it’s a nice way to find holiday gifts!

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