This workshop is Emphasizing key nutrients for the body/gut biome/cells, actions to take to identify deficiencies in a webinar training discussion with our team. This interactive discussion has Q/A throughout and input from several Nurses. This is summarizing key points from a workshop by RN Lauren Busch. CLICK HERE for video discussion Nutrient Difficiency- Relating to Anxiety & Depression

After this session, reach out to Angie of Green Health First, Wellness Solutions Conusltant,
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Helping You adapt using simple natural resources. Thru experiencing natural resources & educating how they improve our health, we find what YOUR body needs to get into balance/sync, overcome issues naturally, help you reach/exceed health goals/thrive-
-In a wellness consult, (book at we’re passionate to equip/empower by exploring many natural tools such as 2cupsgreenteahawaii & essential oils products and real foods. See what your body says it needs via a biofeedback assessment scan.
30 Day Cleanse Protocol:

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