Digestive Support – Tips to Thrive & Not just Survive:
We’re all uniquely made so this is not a one-size fits all. See what your body is drawn to and start there:
Digestive/Gut Support-
Try to get more of these in your foods or as supplements: ginger- it’s why ginger ale helps with nausea; peppermint-thus peppermint candies at restaurants given to settle the tummy- altho not the healthiest option. Both ginger & peppermint have strong antiseptic/stimulating properties
– Cook with/add to foods/smoothies- Herbs like fennel, coriander, terragon, rosemary, cardamom, turmeric, basil and orange peel to help with sluggish digestion/nausea/flatulence/cramps
Add a handful of almonds before and/or after meals to reduce acid reflux- several have gotten off their reflux meds incorporating this
– Take 1-2tbl apple cider vinegar with mother to 1-2tbl raw honey and follow with 8oz water before breakfast and bed to resolve constipation. Constipation is often caused by dehydration, a common side effect of Rx pain meds, or the result of too few fats in the diet- increasing intake of olive/coconut oil-add to smoothies too; increasing intake of avocados olives, fatty fresh fish, nuts will reduce this
– Add our ‘food enzyme’ complex that works to reduce flatulence, constipation and indigestion. Take 1-2 capsules before/after meals- order through our website- ask Angie about our monthly/special promos!
– Snack on a plain, unsweetened full-fat yogurt which has probiotics to help improve gut health, and can regulate blood sugar levels. To improve taste, add cinnamon, a handful of fresh/frozen berries, some pumpkin seeds/nuts/granola or a low-natural sugar fruit preserve to keep blood sugar controlled and boost fat loss too. — – Also enjoy apple slices marinated in orange, clove, cinnamon for digestive and immunity support– a delicious snack for kids and adults- use 4 drops of this essential oils blend in 1-2cups of water to marinate slices for 45min! Let dry or dry with papertowel and enjoy– join our workshops to sample these!

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    – Green Tea EGCG polyphenols/catechins used by Chinese/Indian cultures for centuries have data showing anti-inflammatory effects in the intestine, boosting metabolism by burning fat, reducing absorption of some calories ingested since they block Lipase- the enzyme that stores fat for the body, regulating blood sugar & may hamper the signaling pathways involved in inflammation due to colitis (UofCinci College of Med). Because of how ECGC is designed to burn what you store to boost metabolism, one can enjoy weight loss with natural energy! IT’S A MATTER OF GETTING THE POTENT CONCENTRATION OF ANTI-OXIDANTS!

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