One drop of Eseential Oil is about 45mg, so 3 drops = ~150mg, this is the standard dosage of EOs.- per Dr. Hill, doTERRA CMO.
Copiaba works in the cannabanoid system binding directly to the immune and endocrine system receptor sites for consistent but diverse therapeutic effects to include pain relief, anxiety/stress reduction, digestive balancing and skin health.
Some recipes for supporting healthy body functions: Add 2 drops copaiba in a capsule or 2 drops each copaiba and turmeric in capsule and take morning and night daily; turmerones support healthy brain fxn and exhibit neuroprotective benefits

Take 1-2 drops of copaiba and frankincense under the tongue for metabolic support systemically .
Take 1 drop each of copaiba and 2drops peppermint at mealtime for digestive support
Apply 1 drop each frankincense, copaiba and lemongrass over the liver area for support

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