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PLEASE NOTE: One cannot claim essential oils can treat or cure any health issues/flu/viruses. Being Intentional is prudent! Add more fresh herbs/spices into your diet to equip the body to fight and may increase your bodies surveillance or response to outside negative influences. There are decades, even centuries in some cases, of data showing the therapeutic properties of our natural resources – one can check, for those documented in essential oils.

One Example: from this Medical News Today article: : MedicalNewsToday article March 2020
On Guard in water was sprayed to clean MRSA from an operating table and tested for 7 days and no new growth of MRSA was detected until the 7th day after cleaning- and that was with daily testing! I use On Guard in my hand cleaner and I carry and use my hand cleaner VERY frequently- always have. The hand cleaner I make contains witch hazel, coconut oil and this essential oil blend, On Guard. I choose witch hazel because it contains <15% alcohol max- important because high alcohol content cleaners kill all the good bacteria that help our bodies fight, along with the 'bad' germs/bacteria. Typical 'hand sanitizers' have >60% alcohol on average; while this is good for cleaning surfaces, it’s not good for frequent use on our skin. Adding 100% plant-derived essential oils, which are 50-70% more powerful than the typical serving one gets with fresh plants, feeds the body many nutrients/therapeutic properties that support in various ways. Being Intentional is prudent! Add more fresh herbs/spices into your diet to equip the body to fight. There are decades, even centuries in some cases, of data showing the therapeutic properties of our natural resources – one can check, especially the benefits of using essential oils supporting immune surveillance and immune response.

Some healthcare providers showed me their hands and how cracked, dry and irritated they are from use of the high-alcohol hand sanitizers and gloves. Working in the medical field means complying with hygiene requirements, so this is somewhat unavoidable. Using fractionated coconut oil, along with any combo of these essential oils- lavender, tea tree, copaiba, turmeric, frankincense and/or geranium – will bring moisture replenishing the skin. Coconut oil itself has so many therapeutic benefits for the body systems – to include skin, digestion and blood pressure.

For those who think they have been exposed, Try this: A local reflexology, Chinese medicine practicing doctor indicated most viruses/flu enters the body through the mucus membranes in the mouth, nose and eyes. Before entering her office, She requires all patients to spend 3-5 mins over a 15-20% vinegar & water-steam pot, breathing through the mouth and nose with open eyes, to kill the virus/flu in the mucus membranes. She says this will be effective if done within the first 10 days of exposure to a virus/ incubation of the virus/flu. She recommends doing this steam pot-breathing in the morning and at night before bed. If one does not have a steam pot, then heat a water/vinegar mixture on the stove and it will steam without boiling; stand over it with eyes open for 3-5 minutes breathing in through the nose and mouth. This should be more effective than other treatments like the netty pot and taking vinegar orally because it allows exposure for 3-5min directly to the mucus membranes where these other methods do not.

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