This is the content of our Aug2020 Newsletter we sent out to our clients Friday! ENJOY

    Being Intentionally Productive:

We intentionally choose events that support local non-profits and fundraisers for local needs to ‘give-back’.  For 6+ years, we’ve raised money for the MS Society, Alzheimer’s, different cancer groups, organizations supported by Cary’s Fit and Able Productions, along with many more organizations- see them on this website at the ‘Community’ page.
The shut-down of all public activities/events has dampened our support in this way.  Nonetheless, we adapted our focus to provide weekly virtual education videos on immune boosting resources along with behavioral/ mental wellness tools and retailing custom-made products in local stores & on Saturdays in Raleigh’s Midtown Farmers Market Thru mid-Nov. Our offerings at the Market include all-natural hand cleaners, essential oil roller blends for topical application and all-natural safe-for-your-skin & pets bug repellant spray. These are also available at ANgier’s Tarheel Nursery, Simply Decor and Erwin’s Miller’s LAndscaping. We added a new retailer for the 2Cups Green Tea Hawaii products: Fuquay’s Juicehaus–get hydrated, energize and find mental clarity in one 20oz serving at a time!!
Farmers markets are one of the most thriving resources we’ve have during the Pandemic.
Buying local ensures foods harvested at their prime ripeness so they have the nutrient content God intended AND You support the local economy. Many foods are harvested well before maturity not allowing soil and sun nutrients to be absorbed. Because of mass production, early harvesting and processing, we have to take in 5x the fruits/veggies our grandparents did to get the same nutrition! Plus this ensures less ‘handling’ of the produce too!
Learn with US– Our Passion is to Empower & Equip
Watch/Listen while making/eating meals, walking/exercising, traveling..
We’re creating Youtube learning videos about Living Green to empower and equip with natural resources – Please follow/suscribe to Angie Ceroli’s channel: Appointments are very eye opening for folks– schedule yours today at

    Weight Loss/Sugar Addiction

    Isolation had/has many eating snacks, mostly unhealthy ones, more often. If you find your sugar cravings are getting the best of you, try the metabolic essential oils blend, which leads with grapefruit or this blend to break those cravings:
    Blend for breaking sugar addiction: cinnamon, frank, coriander, lemongrass, cassia, marjoram; 40 drops each in a bottle, then use dropper to fill veggie caps and take 2x/day (w/food).
    We’re all uniquely made so trial & error and/or choosing the ‘hue’ you’re more drawn to is a good way to start.
    Many times when the body is craving/drawn to our natural resources, except sugar cane, it’s the way our body tells us what we need to re-balance.. Add in green tea for it’s fat-burning antioxidant power!Grapefruit EO in green tea will also reduce/control cravings.

    Body System Support (Notice a trend?)

      Many Essential oils contain antioxidants so when taken internally, they provide natural nutrients, intense flavor and therapeutic benefits.
      They can work to bring the body’s system in sync. These, among others will support: nervous & respiratory systems
      : basil, black pepper, cilantro, clove, coriander, fennel, frankincense, juniper berry, thyme; gastrointestinal system: basil, cinnamon, clove, coriander, lemongrass&peppermint together, tea tree, thyme; metabolism: black pepper, clove, coriander, frankincense, thyme
      Book Angie to support your wellness program by offering a lunch/virtual workshop! WE ARE set up for Virtural consultations. Make an appointment for testing via the Zyto scan to identify what your body needs to get into sync. Check our Blog at
      Thanks for supporting Green Health FIRST! BE BLESSED! AND Be well
      Naturally! Please give your testimony at
      Giving Back as a Rotarian
      As a Rotarian– see or we initiated a fabric mask campaign that our members supported by buying/donating fabric, sewing and distributing them to local residents and businesses to include several nursing homes, medical facilities, restaurants and retailers along with needy residents. We made several Prayer squares with encouraging messages for those virus patients isolated at Harnett Health’s Betsy Johnson facility. Angier Rotary supported the food pantry as well as worked with other local non-profits (TMACS & Santa&Friends) and identified many families for which we could purchase and supply groceries/toiletries as they were waiting for additional aid. We are also active PenPals to area seniors/elders. Please go to to support our upcoming Flags for HEROES fundraiser designed to bring our community together and bring HOPE – see updates at!

        Name your Hero and let Angier Rotary fly a flag for them Oct 24-31st.
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