From Nutrition Watchdog:

Granny smith is the best due to fiber and polyphenol content which protect against many disease and have been documented to help to prevent heart disease, protect your brain health, and lower blood pressure. The non-digestible fiber part of the apple resists digestion by stomach juices, avoiding the digestive acids and enzymes allowing them to reach the colon, which is where the gut bacteria thrive. Gut bacteria feed on these non-digestible fiber and through fermentation, produce short chain fatty acids called SCFA’s that have benefits like:

  • Sustained energy
  •  Improving satiety, keeping you full

Add some cinnamon for additional aiding in blood sugar regulation

The average apple contains about 3-5 grams of fiber, and about 20-26 grams of total carbs depending on size.  The ratio of fiber to total carbs is a good indicator of how they will affect your blood sugar.  Apples are a good choice for a healthy carbohydrate source when kept in moderation- before or after meals for aiding in digestion.  Although type 2 diabetics can do a lot better on a higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet overall, apples are one of the better sources of carbohydrates for diabetics since they have a slow effect on blood sugar instead of abrupt.

Good Reason for the ole saying: ‘An apple a day will keep the Dr. away’! Learn with Angie about the therapeutic properties of our foods-herbs, spices and fruits and more gifts of the earth!

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