Oct 2023 events- Hope to SERVE YOU in the best way possible to help you thrive and live optimally!
BE INTENTIONAL and Consistent!

10/3- 11-130- Cambridge Village Apex Lobby Education/Experience table
10/4- 9-2 Truliant HF, W-S
10/6 10-2 Raleigh City HF, Nash Park Raleigh
10/6 5-8 Carolina Lakes Farmers Mkt,Sanford
10/7 10-1130 Rotary Club of Angier Flags for Heroes Ceremony, Jeff Barnes Auto, Angier
Oct 10-11-3 Summit School, W-S;
Oct 11 12-3 Nations’Lending-virtual; 130-430 Carolina Country Club HF, Raleigh
Oct 12-10-1 Novozyme HF, Franklinton
Oct 18- 10-2 Angier Srs HF, Fire House
Oct 19-11-1 CEM Corp Virtual
Oct 20-130-430 BoxBoard G’boro
Oct 21 10-4 Holly Arts Fest, Pinehurst
Oct 23 5-7 Crunch Fitness table setup, Cameron Village, Raleigh
Oct 25-1030-230 FayettevilleCity HF
Oct 27-2-7 BekaerDeslee HF, W-S
Oct 28 8-12 Midtown Farmers Mkt, NorthHills Ral
Nov 1 10-2 Harnett Co HF, Lillington

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The human microbiome has been studied extensively over the last 20yrs. The microbiome is considered an ‘invisible organ’. The human body is comprised of 70 trillion cells, however only 1/2 of them are human, the rest are microbes, fungi, parasites and bacteria. This microbial community is mostly in the gut, however some are in every mucosal surface in the body- like the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, urogenital tract, etc.


Improve diversity to which the body is exposed by eating whole food diets- eliminating processed foods as much as possible, Hydrating with electrolytes, getting 6-8hr quality sleep.
Studies were completed to show doTERRA’s new PB Restore can help balance the microbiome in all areas of it’s existence! Look for it in November! Macro-changes start with the microbiome-
DID YOU KNOW: 75% of the nutrients the body needs come from 12plants/animals?
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